ThinkUp Academy Fact List

What we do

When you have an idea, but don’t know where to start, we support you for free. We offer guidance together with our mentors and field experts.

Who We are

We are High School Students, who designed ThinkUp Academy because we love to help young adults like us.

Pricing & How we get things done

It is completely free. ThinkUp Academy is an NGO located in Romania, Cluj-Napoca. Our students come from all over the world, and the mentoring sessions happens online.

Why trust us

All of the students who are part of the academy, are involved, motivated and hard-working young adults. We successfully organised large-scale events, such as an International Youth Summit (IYST) in Romania, where people from all of the world attended. 

EXPRESS your vision:

  • Have a clear description of your project, the team’s objectives and your mission.
  • Form a budget
  • Develop communication and cost control skills

FIND your motivation:

  • Focus on your objectives
  • Create a concrete plan 
  • Develop critical thinking skills

SHARE your idea:

  • Put together a complete team
  • Assign role in the organisation of the project
  • Create a motivation plan 
  • Develop leadership skills

CREATE a timeline:

  • Identify deadlines that have to be respected
  • Learn about time management
  • Develop project management skills

ThinkUp Formula

We designed a one-fits-all formula for any student that signs up. Throughout 9 clear stages, we will make the process of putting your ideas together so much easier.

INSPIRE yourself and others:

  • Check motivation plan
  • See your project in action
  • Celebrate

ESTABLISH locations:

  • Set the venues
  • Consult budget and manage expenses
  • Develop financial skills

ADDRESS technicalities:

  • Focus on the small details of the project 
  • Check progress on initial goals
  • Update your targets
  • Develop analytical skills

IMPLEMENT Marketing Strategies:

  • Promote your project
  • Create a marketing plan
  • Learn essential public relations tips
  • Develop marketing skills

MANAGE your budget:  

  • Attend a finance course
  • Create a fundraising plan
  • Develop fundraising skills

2021 academic calendar