How did ThinkUp Academy start?

The students of Transylvania College successfully organised The International Youth Summit of Transylvania in March 2019. After bringing together 10 prestigious schools from 7 countries and 4 continents, more students expressed their wish to implement their initiatives. At the same time, we realised that there wasn’t any student run organisation for high school students with entrepreneurial spirit, whose purpose would have been the development of young adults.In order to satisfy the youth’s need of guidance and support, ThinkUp Academy was established. Now, ThinkUp Academy succeeds to have over 260 students and 500 participants involved, supporting unique projects that have a positive impact on the community. Even more, we aim to change the misconception that a major project, especially an extracurricular one, damages the academic performance.

Why a National Program?

We have chosen a national approach to succeed in including the concept of personal development in the so-called educational package received by the Romanian student. We are actively helping to unify the academic and extracurricular, entrepreneurial pillars for them to work together towards the development of the future educated and active citizen. We are an innovative entity and a unique initiative, specifically dedicated to secondary school pupils and aimed at training them as future responsible adults.

Who is the National Program for?



Organising two free educational webinars per semester, with topics at choice, for the students of the partner institution

Organising one-on-one or team mentorship sessions, which will support pupils in implementing their initiatives

Connecting students with organisations which offer volunteering programmes and personal development opportunities

Integrating students into a community of young entrepreneurs through webinars, events and mentoring

Searching for devoted students in the partner institutions, who may become mentors in ThinkUp Academy


We create a proficient and well-connected educational ecosystem, which puts the student in the centre of the educational process,

assuring him the tools and the skills to become a qualified, empathic and proactive citizen.

The Benefits of the Program

Involving pupils in improving society and training a generation of responsible and creative adults.

Students will develop both academic and professional skills.

Pupils will learn important entrepreneurial skills which will help them to implement their own ideas.

The students will gain a record of their ambition and perseverance, which brings a bonus in the process of application to prestigious universities.

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Think-up Academy gave me the opportunity to finalise a project through which I developed my parents’ business. The mentors have been supporting me throughout the whole process. I am glad that I had the chance of taking part in this project, and I warmly recommend the Academy to anyone!

Mihai Gîtea

Student, 18 years old

At the Academy I have met competent and motivated people, who have always shown their constant wish to help the people around them. I can say that I have enjoyed working with their mentors and that their information is very useful. Keep up the good work!

Dragoș Dobra

Student, 18 years old

From the moment I contacted the students at ThinkUp, I have been warmly welcomed. My mentor was helping me throughout all the process of choosing a boarding school which met my wishes. I would surely come back to them anytime!

Maria Fereastrau


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