How did ThinkUp Academy start?

The students of Transylvania College successfully organised The International Youth Summit of Transylvania in March 2019. After bringing together 10 prestigious schools from 7 countries and 4 continents, more students expressed their wish to implement their initiatives. At the same time, we realised that there wasn’t any student run organisation for high school students with entrepreneurial spirit, whose purpose would have been the development of young adults.In order to satisfy the youth’s need of guidance and support, ThinkUp Academy was established. Now, ThinkUp Academy succeeds to have over 260 students and 500 participants involved, supporting unique projects that have a positive impact on the community. Even more, we aim to change the misconception that a major project, especially an extracurricular one, damages the academic performance.

Why a National Program?

We have chosen a national approach to succeed in including the concept of personal development in the so-called educational package received by the Romanian student. We are actively helping to unify the academic and extracurricular, entrepreneurial pillars for them to work together towards the development of the future educated and active citizen. We are an innovative entity and a unique initiative, specifically dedicated to secondary school pupils and aimed at training them as future responsible adults.

Who is the National Program for?


Our objectives 

Running 2 ThinkUp Challenges per semester, challenges for schools partners aimed at developing local communities.

Organization of a ThinkUp Summit per semester, one-day workshops for students, partner schools, and other partners.

Realization of a Summer School ThinkUp per year, physical activities for student ambassadors, aimed at developing skills such as leadership and critical thinking

Conducting at least 2 free educational ThinkUp Webinars, with experts from key areas, for students from our partner schools.

Connecting students with organizations that offer volunteer programs or personal development opportunities.

Integrating students into a community of young entrepreneurs through webinars, events, and mentoring.

Involvement of students from partner institutions to become mentors within the Academy’s framework.


We create a proficient and well-connected educational ecosystem, which puts the student in the centre of the educational process, assuring him the tools and the skills to become a qualified, empathic and proactive citizen.

The Benefits of the Program

Involving pupils in improving society and training a generation of responsible and creative adults.

Students will develop both academic and professional skills.

Pupils will learn important entrepreneurial skills which will help them to implement their own ideas.

The students will gain a record of their ambition and perseverance, which brings a bonus in the process of application to prestigious universities.

Become our Partner!

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Partner Interacts


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Interact Oradea is a non-governmental, non-profit organization, addressed to young people between the ages of 14 and 18, focused on the direct and indirect benefits of high-school students working in a tea


Interact Buzău Club, the junior branch of the Rotary Club Buzău, aims to promote non-formal values among young people and develop the Buzău community, starting from young ideas and teamwork.

Our partners

County councils
  • Arad
  • Botosani
  • Hunedoara
  • Olt
  • Tulcea
  • Alba
  • Buzau
  • Cluj
  • Satu Mare
  • Brandocracy
  • VSFA
  • You4Edu
  • Upgrade Academy
  • Duke of Edinburgh
  • Adservio
  • Bism
  • EvoCarieră


  • ISJ Cluj
  • ISJ Buzau

Partner schools

Colegiul Național ”Elena Ghiba Birta” Arad
Școala Nr. 2 Târgu Ocna Bacau
Colegiul Național ”Mihai Eminescu” Oradea
Colegiul Național ”Emanuil Gojdu” Oradea
Colegiul Național Gheorghe Munteanu Murgoci Braila
Colegiul Național ”Mihai Viteazul” Turda
B.P. Hașdeu Buzău
Liceul Teoretic Pogoanele, Buzau
Liceul Tehnologic Iernut, Mures
Liceul Tehnologic Ion Vlasiu, Mures
Colegiul Național ”Spiru Haret”, Tg. Jiu
Colegiul Național ”Emil Botta”, Vrancea
Liceul Teoretic ”Nicolae Bălcescu” Cluj
Colegiul Național ”Emil Botta”, Vrancea
Liceul Tehnologic ”Lucian Blaga” Mureș
Liceul Teoretic ”Nicolae Bălcescu” Cluj
Colegiul Național ”A.T. Laurian” BT
Colegiul Național Teodor Neș Bihor
Liceul Teoretic ”Ion Creangă” Tulcea
Colegiul Național Ioan Slavici Satu Mare
Colegiul Național Mihai Viteazul Caracal
Colegiul Petru Maior Reghin
Liceul Creștin Logos, Bistrița
Colegiul Național George Barițiu, Cluj
C.N. ”Regina Maria” Deva
Colegiul Petru Maior Reghin
Liceul Tehnologic ”Mihai Viteazul” Vulcan
Liceul de Arte “Romulus Ladea”, Cluj-Napoca
Liceul de Arte Sibiu

Our reach in the country

Partner schools
County Councils

Summer School

What is Summer School?

Summer School ThinkUp Academy is a meeting between student ambassadors of partner schools, which takes place over several days during the summer. We want this “camp” to strengthen both the relationships between the participating students and the connection between you and ThinkUp Academy.

Why do we organize Summer School?

We want the Summer School ThinkUp Academy to encourage you to actively contribute to the change for the better in Romania, by promoting teamwork and collaboration towards a common goal for the creation of an implementable and effective project and by launching an opportunity for entrepreneurial integration among young people. Moreover, we familiarize the new student representatives with the concept of student ambassadors, offering them different workshops and training specific to their needs, debates, and development in teams of their own project plans.

Who can participate in the Summer School?

Summer School ThinkUp Academy is a project launched for you, student ambassadors, to bring you all closer, combining fun with creativity and your desire to be the change in today’s Romania

Pitch Please

The PitchPlease competition develops as a Summer Marathon that deepens its main components: debating and pitching.

regional session
  • 25 students (4 teams)
  • 2 partner institutions
  • 4 county
national session
  • 19 students (3 teams)
  • 1 partner institution
  • one prize


The challenges are a free service offered to student volunteers from partner schools and organizations, intending to help them develop both personally and professionally, also to form an organized and civic behavior for the partner students. Each challenge will bring together 3 milestones (1. Internal organization, 2. Promotion and implementation strategy, 3. The actual implementation of the challenge). The challenges, implemented by volunteer students with a team, will be initiated within the unit of education they belong to, with help from the mentors of the Academy.


Summits are conferences in a physical format attended by all student ambassadors who successfully implemented the challenges, together with their coordinating teacher and their team. These summits are aimed at observing the progress of each individual school during challenges, sharing ideas, and developing them further. Moreover, we want to keep student ambassadors motivated through summits, to interact with each other more, thus creating an active and involved network of young people.


Webinars are a free service that offers all students from partner schools/organizations the chance to interact with an expert in a field of current relevance.

First session
Second session
Third session

Webinars Topics

  • With the Future in Mind – Career Guidance
  • Business DNA – Entrepreneurial education
  • FinEd – Financial Education
  • Understanding and Acceptance in Relationships – Wellbeing
  • Climate change – Sustainability
  • JustEd – Legal Education


The TUA experience developed my communication skills, relating to those around me, and helped me better understand the needs of students in Romania. Both the webinars and the opportunities managed to challenge us, giving us an opening to current issues, but also how we can improve the reality in which we live.

Anna Zorila


My school has been working with ThinkUp Academy for almost a year now and I can say that their services exceed expectations! The webinar sessions are made by professionals in that field and give you a real perspective on the topic discussed, and the materials offered by them help you to deepen the topic. Moreover, through the National Program, the students from my school were able to have access to many volunteering opportunities within the Academy, but also within other organizations or clubs.

Natalia Turcanu


The partnership with ThinkUp Academy is a tremendous opportunity for our high school students. The fact that other young people are reaching out to our young people and meeting their needs has meant a lot. The ideas shared, the answers to the questions that the students asked during the meetings represented new opportunities for personal development that are so necessary for the young generation.

Emilia Moldovan


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