How does an institution become a  partner ?

An institution becomes a partner because it wants to support the Program and because it wants to benefit from our services. The conversation for the purpose of partnership is carried out on the e-mail, and the evolution of the steps towards the finalization of the partnership must be introduced by those responsible for the partnership on Community ThinkUp on the page dedicated to the type of partner entity. For public and private schools in the country, There is a need for an ambassador teacher and an elevated ambassador, representatives of the educational unit. Sign the Convention, the Annex for the teacher representative in the Academy Ambassadors’ council and the contract for a volunteer student, and the signed documents will be uploaded in the designated folders.

What is our purpose ?

Guiding students from partner schools in order to implement their own entrepreneurial ideas, student development, by involving them in activities such as Challenges, Summits, and Summer School, creating an ecosystem of partners, such as schools, companies, youth clubs and entrepreneurs, through which we manage to address as many students as possible, to develop as best as possible the opportunities offered to them and which schools can access.

What do we do?

The National Program offers students from partner schools, and not only, practical and interactive possibilities, in the form of projects, through which they can develop, while accumulating knowledge and skills.

Who is it for?

The direct beneficiaries of the National Program are high-school and middle-school students, but this program is also addressed to other entities listed below, with the ultimate goal of creating a competent system of non-formal education: Public and private schools in the country / County School Inspectorates / County Councils of Various Interact Students Organizations or Companies.

What does the program offer you ?

Challenges. Summits. Summer School. Webinars.
Connecting students with organizations that offer volunteer programs or opportunities for personal development. Integrating students into a community of young entrepreneurs through webinars, events and mentoring. Involvement of students of partner institutions to become mentors within the Academy.

The role of the student ambassador

With the help of the student ambassador we manage to communicate with all the students of his school. He makes the challenges we give together with a team of students, with the constant support of our mentors, promotes the activities offered by the academy among colleagues, participates in Summits and Summer School.