The transition to a new year always brings new challenges that we have to overcome, and often we find that passion for what we do is what keeps us going through the hardest of times. When nothing goes our way, when the universe seems to be working against us, we turn to the initial spark of passion that started this academy all along: the desire to help young students like ourselves, to give them the necessary channels to express themselves and remind them that the possibilities are truly endless.

Our students consist of two categories: the first one, people that have a general knowledge of how their project should look like but need help in obtaining the final result, and people that come to us in hopes of guidance.

Our job with the first category of students does not stop at providing advice and giving them a template for their projects. We take it upon ourselves to remind them why they are doing this. We want them to be able to visualize their projects, to have a hopeful and motivated mindset, that can be fueled exclusively by passion. However, we know that passions can be diverse, numerous and most of the time even unrelated to each other. Mentors have the job of helping their students strike the perfect balance between their passions and figure out what will help them achieve the end result they desire.

People that come to our academy in hopes of guidance usually make the mentoring process more difficult, but all the more enjoyable. Consequently, the first step we take in our mentoring program is to help our students find their passion, to dig deep and to figure out what matters to them. There is no perfect recipe for success here, because finding something you are passionate about is like shuffling a playlist and hoping your favorite song comes on, but you do not know what your favorite song is until you hear it. This is definitely a complicated process that requires plenty of determination, but that is what makes it even more gratifying, for both the mentor and the student.

After all, even after finding a passion, most people come to the conclusion that following it can be scary. The possibility of failure always exists, but it is much more hurtful to fail at something that you care enormously about, rather than something that does not inspire you that much. We want our students to be able to get over this fear. We put our focus on passion because we know that the best ideas are fueled by it, and at the end of the day, this is what pushes us forward and gives us the drive to become even better at what we do.

We want everyone to keep an open mind about passions. People change with time, and accordingly so do our interests. What resonates with you now, might not be what you end up doing for the rest of your life, but it is an experience that leads you to it.

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