Together we can make your projects and ideas come to  life.

We are the first Academy of projects and ideas from Europe, initiated, created and led by students for students. We offer free mentoring, support and guidance for young social entrepreneurs in creating and implementing their own projects, including close collaboration with schools, institutions and organisations from Romania, but also from all around the world, in order to emphasise the students involvement in their communities.

Vision and Mission

Shaping the world 
of tomorrow  
by empowering the youth
of today


Your perspective and ideas. Share with us your thoughts.


Bring your input, gather a team, and plan.


See how your projects improve the world you live in, and how you have improved in the process.

What did we do so far?

We are a hardworking team of students looking to empower the youth to take the change in their own hands.

Our largest project is called The International Youth Summit of Transylvania - the first international conference organised by highschool students for students

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Over 50
Students involved
Hours of work
Money raised
over 100

The Board of Directors

Erik Birinyi


Ilinca Avram

Vice President

Daria Pernes

Public Relations Manager

Maria Vadan

Financial Manager

Sarah Suciu

Human Resources Manager

Daniel Bega

Marketing Manager

Our Mentors

Mentors guide ThinkUp Academy students to accomplish their tasks. They offer free help and support throughout the whole journey.

Sarah Kocsis

Mihai Stefan

Alexandra Esca

Sergiu Ciavoi

Teodora Miron

Georgiana Mois

Ana Muresan

Ioan Pristavu

Nicol Miron

Daniel Bega


Do not take our word for it

Think-up Academy gave me the opportunity to finalise a project through which I developed my parents' business. The mentors have been supporting me throughout the whole process. I am glad that I had the chance of taking part in this project, and I warmly recommend the Academy to anyone!

Mihai Gitea

Student, 18 years old

At the Academy I have met competent and motivated people, who have always shown their constant wish to help the people around them. I can say that I have enjoyed working with their mentors and that their information is very useful. Keep up the good work!

Dragos Dobra

Student, 18 years old

From the moment  contacted the students at ThinkUp, I have been warmly welcomed. My mentor was helping me throughout all the process of choosing a boarding school which met my wishes. I would surely come back to them anytime!

Maria Fereastrau


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